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State of the art driving school simulator

There’s no better way to educate a driver than with a safe and controlled yet challenging and realistic environment. All Florida driving institute uses a driving simulation to hone and perfect driving skills and experience before ever firing a piston. By working on the skills necessary to safe and efficient driving our simulator builds a driver’s confidence and ability to make them ready to hit the road! Our instruction of each student is personalized and even integrates background and family information to create the best possible plan from which student drivers can cultivate or correct skills that will keep them safe and moving on the road. The personalized lesson planning allows us to develop drivers of all skill levels and stages of driving, whether it be pre-permit, permit, newly licensed or elderly driving.

  • Excellent for first-time drivers teen and adult alike seeking to practice prior to having a permit
  • Excellent for those with disabilities to evaluate driving competence
  • Situational work on accident avoidance, drunk driving simulation and more!
  • When confronting a hazardous circumstance when driving on the road, you need to know how to react. Driving simulation classes enable you to hone in on what to do if an unsafe situation on the road arises.
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Hands-On Car Training & Basic Maintenance from $149.00

This 8 Hour group class covers all the ins and outs of vehicle dynamics and hands-on basic vehicle maintenance. Typically conducted from 9-5 on a Saturday with no more than 8 in a class, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of a car and how to keep it performing at it’s best. Lunch is provided. The course will cover the following material in two 4 hour sections:

Vehicle Dynamics and Mechanical Classroom

  • Understanding your Suspension
  • Understanding Tires
  • How Engine, Transmission and Drive Train work
  • Electrical Equipment

Florida has implemented new changes for Driver License and ID Card

Parts of the Florida license

Beginning in August of 2017, the Florida Department of High Safety and Motor Vehicle have started issuing new and more secure driver licenses and personal identification cards. The new credentials are now available statewide. However, the previous credential design will still be used alongside the new credentials while they are slowly being phased out.

This new form provides Floridians with the most secure credentials on the market today.

The new licenses and ID’s are unique to Florida. The card showcases a pastel-colored front of Florida’s state seal and “FL” clearly standing out in Florida orange. On the back of the card, an image of the state is shown along waves and the year the state was founded, 1845.

Your photograph is now printed with a transparent background and appears in four different spots on the card.

Fraud Protection

Most importantly, the new design is doubled with fraud protection. This includes redundant data, ultraviolet ink and optically variable features.

Designated Header Colors

Displayed on the top right of the card will denote the type of license you hold. Customers under 21 years of age will display a red box on the card which indicates the date of which they will turn 21.

Blue: Commercial Driver License
Green: Driver License
Red: Identification Card
Orange: Learner’s License

New/Updated Designations

The new design also has a spot that designates lifetime sportsman’s, boater, freshwater, saltwater and hunting licenses, as well as if you are a veteran, organ donor, hearing impaired, or developmentally disabled.

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